Stretch, Strengthen, Tone & Relax


Eating before you come

Yoga is best done on an empty stomach. The general rule is not to eat a heavy meal two to three hours before you practice. If you are working or just running around that can be difficult, so it will be fine to eat a very light snack an hour or more before class.

What to wear

Gym clothes, leggings and a T-shirt or loose clothing is best. We do yoga in bare feet (so that you don’t slip) but in winter you can wear non-slip-sole socks. Leave your jangling jewellery at home, please.

I haven’t got a mat

Don’t worry. I provide mats, blocks, bricks and straps. If you become a regular yogi, it is much nicer for you to have your own.

I have a bad back/ shoulder/ hip – can I still do yoga?

In most cases, yes. It will most probably help your ailment but check with your physiotherapist/osteopath/ GP first.

I am as stiff as a board

Yoga will soon get you flexible. To lead a healthy and active life, it is important to keep supple and move the body.

I am overweight

Yoga is for every body. Whatever your shape or size yoga will make you feel and look so much better, and by attending a class regularly, it will most probably help you lose weight.

I am over 50, 60, 70, 80

You can start yoga at any age. I have taught people who are new to yoga and are in their 70s and 80s. I do offer gentle yoga classes. If you do have mobility problems then a general class may not be for you but chair-based yoga is very beneficial. And the poses in all the classes can help strengthen the bones to ward off osteoporosis.

I haven’t done yoga before so I feel a little shy going into a class

Don’t be. Everyone in class is just focusing on themselves. The only person who will look at you is me – and I will be making sure you are doing the pose correctly.